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John White | 04 October 2021

Starting a career in IT tips.

Information Technology is an umbrella of various disciplines and encompasses far more than the nickname “tech people” denotes.

It is a career path that offers numerous thriving opportunities across many different fields of work. 

The world of IT means a world that is as innovative as it is fast-paced 

How to get a job in information technology
If you are considering a career path within a discipline of information technology there are a few skills that employers look for in the most-suited candidates.

The characteristics that employers or recruiters look for in potential candidates include:

Strong communication skills: 
Like any industry, the job will go to the candidate who is eloquent and well-spoken. 

Displaying strong communication skills is important to the employer, especially within IT, as it shows that you are capable of communicating with colleagues or clients at a level that they will understand without much or any industry-related jargon. 

It is always important to maintain strong client relations and frequent communication is the key to achieving this.   

Experience within the field: 
This includes undertaking relevant internships or trainee roles within reputable companies. 

The purpose of undertaking an internship or trainee role is to kick start your career in IT. 

It is the perfect foundation for building a successful career within the field and the perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door and exposure to the world of IT. 

It also helps you gain visibility within the industry not only to the company you have undertaken your internship with. 

Furthermore, internships are vital because you will have the chance to practice the skills that you may have already touched on, on your own, but on an escalated level.

If you have shown that you are a capable trainee with the skills needed to succeed within the field your employer will consider promoting you to a fully fledged member of the team, otherwise they will write you a great recommendation letter if they see great value in you. 

Networking is super important within any industry. 

Tech industry events, in particular, are relevant to anyone who is considering a career in IT because there are individuals at these events who are successful now however have worked hard to be in their position, just like you.  

Many of these professionals know the struggle it can be and are more often than not willing to give you industry-related tips to help you get you on your feet and on track to a successful career. 

The key is to be less invisible and get out there and make a name for yourself. 

Have your own opinion
Be vocal regarding your opinion on recent industry trends or process that can be improved to enhance any particular aspect within IT. 

Voicing your opinion and having something to say will impress any recruiter because they can see future value in you beyond your physical abilities in IT. 

Information technology is a fast-growing industry, with processes constantly being improved to benefit society, which is why it is vital for the candidate to possess more than just the relevant skills, but also a general understanding of the ever-changing IT environment. 

The nature of the technological world is at the very foundation of many businesses and is aimed at improving work processes and their ability to undertake daily tasks.