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Simple, transparent fixed fee

We are experts at recruiting experts; taking the strain that can be associated with recruiting in demand talent thus allowing our clients to completely outsource the process and concentrate on their core business activities.

A flat 10% fee

We’re reshaping recruitment, and an important part of that is fairer, better-value pricing. When we recruit your next team member, we’ll apply a flat 10% fee. No more time wasted negotiating; fluctuating placement fees are not part of our culture. No matter how niche the role or how in demand the candidate, we manage the whole recruitment process for the same single flat fee.

What can you expect to pay?

Salaries under £50k

Graphic Designer £4,959.00
Financial Assistant £2,667.00
Web Designer £3,757.00
Network Engineer £3,622.00
Mortgage Adviser £4,402.00

Salaries between £50K - £75k

Stock Broker £5,824.00
Software Developer £7,152.00
Data Analyst £6,991.00
Marketing Manager £6,967.00
Senior Accountant £5,647.00

Salaries over £75k+

Head Financial Analyst £9,138.00
Investment Manager £8,257.00
Sales Director £8,375.00
Chief Revenue Officer £9,864.00
Senior Data Scientist £8,167.00

Finding the right talent for the right role

When You’re Ready To Hire, We’re Ready To Help. Recruiting the best talent is a massive time commitment. We take the pressure off by handling the whole process for you.


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