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Rizwan Patel | 15 May 2020

Inside sales – the next great IT career gateway?

Inside sales is fast becoming a must-have function for many IT sales teams. And if you’re thinking about a IT sales career, we have some good news: the demand for inside sales reps is high (and likely to stay that way).

The attributes of a good inside sales rep are qualities you probably already have and it’s a career path where the entry-level can earn you a good wage. With plenty on offer in terms of benefits, experience and training, starting out as an inside sales rep can give you the tools you need to build an enviable career

So if you’re just out of uni, or looking to change careers, here’s everything you need to know about Inside Sales as a career move.

What is inside sales anyway? 
Put simply, inside sales are those performed remotely via channels like email, phone, and video conferencing. This is in contrast to traditional sales, which are typically done face-to-face. From calling potential customers to handling inbound leads, the role of an inside salesperson leverages frequent, virtual interactions with prospects. Given 75% of customers would prefer not to meet with sales teams face-to-face, inside sales help businesses align with what customers want. In addition to handling prospects remotely, the inside sales function relies on a high level of personal contact where prospects expect quick responses and typically need more hand-holding throughout the sales process. 

What does an inside sales rep do? 
Inside sales reps often work closely with traditional sales teams usually in a physical office. But unlike outside or typical ‘road warrior’ sales reps, they don’t meet clients face-to-face, work on the road or frequently go to networking events. Since there is little to no face-to-face interaction with prospects, inside salespeople need to master the mechanics of capturing their attention. Unlike telemarketers, who rely on rigid sales scripts, inside sales reps need to know the products they are selling inside out. Training, acumen, and ingenuity all play a key role in an inside sales rep’s ability to successfully acquire customers and be a great asset to the business. 


It’s a lucrative job 
Of course, pay isn’t the only thing that attracts people to a career in tech sales. Flexible hours, flat company structures and exciting career opportunities all play their part. However, high demand for inside sales professionals coupled with the skill shortage in the market means salaries are competitive. Data from LinkedIn Insights reveals the salary ranges for candidates with 1-3 years’ experience in inside sales is £50,000 to £70,000. While those at the senior end of the spectrum can expect to earn up to £95,000 per year. This is well ahead of other industries such as Marketing where the average early career salary is £45,000.

Career pathways are plentiful  
Many technology leaders - like Samuel Oalmisano, CEO of IBM or Nick Woodman, founder of GoPro - start out their careers as sales reps. Likewise, many business owners, top rank marketers and business managers come from sales backgrounds - not that surprising since a lot of these positions involve revenue targets and sales quotas. If you’re at the beginning of your sales career or are looking to make the jump into tech from outside industry, inside sales can equip you with the experience, transferrable skills and foundations to build your dream career. 

Ready to kick start your career in IT sales? Talk to us to learn about our current inside sales opportunities with leading tech companies.